Doogie Howser, M.D.

A teenage genius deals with the usual problems of growing up, on top of being a licensed physician in a difficult residency program.

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Actor: Kathryn Layng

Director: Steven Bochco , David E. Kelley

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1989

IMDb: 6.5

Season 1 - Doogie Howser, M.D.
19 Sep 1989
"Doogie passes one test to get his driver's license, but he must pass another when he treats a critically ill boy."
20 Sep 1989
"Victoria Burke, the hospital's attractive new chief of radiology, wants some of Doogie's genius genes."
"No description"
04 Oct 1989
"Fed up with being regarded as a 'nerd' by his peers and as a 'little kid' by his co-workers, Doogie decides to throw a party when his parents go away for the weekend."
11 Oct 1989
"After arguing with his dad about his finances, Doogie decides to go out on his own and rent an apartment. After hearing that a celebrity is staying at the hospital, Vinnie impersonates Doogie to meet her."
18 Oct 1989
"Frustrated with the strict policies, long shifts and stressful atmosphere of Eastman, Doogie gets a lucrative offer from a group of doctors from an upscale Brentwood hospital and seriously considers taking it."
25 Oct 1989
"The hospital agrees to let Vinnie film a documentary about Doogie. However, his annoying techniques and intrusive behavior annoy Doogie who must tell a family that their daughter might have cancer."
01 Nov 1989
"Doogie's busy schedule causes tension in his relationship with Wanda. He then sees an example of love-gone-wrong at the hospital when one of his patients needs a blood transfusion from his ..."
08 Nov 1989
"Doogie fixes Vinnie up with Wanda's cousin who is much larger than everyone expected. At the hospital, Doogie comes across a patient who is obsessed with her appearance."
15 Nov 1989
"Doogie's plans to go on a weekend getaway with Wanda are spoiled when he realizes that it's the same weekend as his dad's annual fishing trip. Not wanting to hurt his dad's feelings, he agrees to go."
22 Nov 1989
"Doogie and Wanda, feeling pressured to have sex, make plans to sleep together when Doogie's parents go away for the weekend. At the hospital, Doogie treats a 17-year old girl who gives birth and then abandons the baby on his doorstep."
29 Nov 1989
"Doogie, upset at the hospital's lack of compassion and adherence to a strict budget, decides to sneak in a dog with a broken leg and operate on it. When he gets caught, his job becomes at risk."
13 Dec 1989
"After being forced to work a shift on Christmas Eve, Doogie fakes sickness to get out of it and go to a party with his friends."
03 Jan 1990
"Doogie goes on a game-show for geniuses only to have everyone wanting a piece of the prizes. At the hospital, he treats an ex-boxer with symptoms of glaucoma."
10 Jan 1990
"Wanda gets upset after Doogie runs into an attractive former patient at the movie theater and he does nothing to resist her flirting. Doogie's parents stop talking to each other over the same issue."
"No description"
31 Jan 1990
"As part of a community relations effort by the hospital, Doogie is asked to go to the high school and teach sexual education. On his first day, he is challenged to an after school fight by the captain of the football team."
"No description"
14 Feb 1990
"In return for saving the life of the coolest guy in school, Doogie is rewarded by being allowed to hang around with him and his cool friends. With his new found coolness, Doogie neglects Vinnie and disobeys his father."
28 Feb 1990
"Doogie and Vinnie are held hostage in a convenience store by a gang member."
14 Mar 1990
"When Doogie's dad begins to feel old and unimportant, he decides to quit his medical practice. Doogie and his mom then decide to gather many of the patients he has helped over the years in hopes of changing his mind."
21 Mar 1990
"Vinnie romances a blind girl that Doogie introduced him to at the hospital. When she gets an operation that will restore her sight, he worries that she will not find him physically attractive."
28 Mar 1990
"When Doogie and Jack hear a rumor that they are neck and neck for Resident of the Year, they both try to gain an advantage by trying to influence the judges which ultimately puts them in awkward positions."
04 Apr 1990
"Realizing that his relationship with Wanda has stalled, Doogie ponders whether to break it off or keep it going and risk being unhappy. Jack gets jealous when Curly begins dating a hotshot doctor."
25 Apr 1990
"Fresh off his breakup with Wanda, Doogie scores a date with a Lakers cheerleader. He soon realizes that she is too grown up for him."
"Vinnie is nervous about his \"\"first time\"\" with Janine; Doogie feels unexpected emotions over Wanda's announcement."
Season 2 - Doogie Howser, M.D.
12 Sep 1990
"After having an eerie dream where he is attacked by Frankenstein, Doogie goes to a psychiatrist and realizes that he is missing out on his life because of his job."
"No description"
26 Sep 1990
"\"Dr. Doogie\" becomes an overnight sensation after he appears in public service announcements on a popular music channel. However, when his fame gets in the way of his job and normal life, ..."
03 Oct 1990
"While trying to talk his pregnant French teacher into helping him improve his failing grade, Vinnie ends up stuck in an elevator with her. She starts to go into labor and he is forced to call Doogie for help."
10 Oct 1990
"Doogie argues with his dad over whether he can buy a 1957 Chevy convertible. At the hospital, Doogie tries to get through to a mentally retarded patient who refuses treatment for a potentially fatal illness."
17 Oct 1990
"Doogie admits a homeless man to the hospital who turns out to be Blind Otis Lemon, a legendary blues player long thought to be dead. When Otis is scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor ..."
24 Oct 1990
"One of the hospital benefactors, an elderly woman comes for her annual physical. Canfield informs Doogie that she's only generous unless she's told that something is wrong with her. So he tells Doogie to make something up."
31 Oct 1990
"Vinnie has problems finding someone to play a chainsaw killer in his slasher film. Doogie must spend time with an uptight 13-year old prodigy to determine if he is a good candidate for medical school."
07 Nov 1990
"Doogie is jealous when Wanda becomes friends with a male nude model in her art class. At the hospital, Doogie suspects that a pretty young model is bulimic. The hospital holds its annual ..."
"No description"
28 Nov 1990
"After being dumped by McGuire, Curly starts dating the newly divorced Dr. Canfield. Doogie is chosen as one of five doctors to work with a highly-respected reconstructive surgeon."
"No description"
12 Dec 1990
"Doogie is attracted to a nursing student who he asks out behind Wanda's back. A man who is staying at the hospital is married to two different women without each one knowing about the other..."
"No description"
09 Jan 1991
"When her mother dies unexpectedly in a car accident, Wanda keeps her distance from Doogie."
23 Jan 1991
"Doogie, realizing that he has no athletic skills, fakes an injury so he doesn't have to play in an exhibition basketball game against a rival hospital. Raymond tries overly hard to impress ..."
30 Jan 1991
"The hospital hires an artist to decorate a mural inside the children's center. When it is found that the artist has AIDS, he is dismissed amid public concerns."
06 Feb 1991
"Upset that his father won't spend any time with him, Vinnie convinces Doogie and his dad to take them on their annual fishing trip."
13 Feb 1991
"Katherine's parent make a surprise visit to the house while it is being remodeled. Her father quickly makes his presence known by offending the contractor who promptly quits on the spot. At..."
"No description"
13 Mar 1991
"Doogie's mom takes a job as a patient advocate at the hospital. Doogie, upset because she is causing him embarrassment, and his dad, upset about not having dinner cooked, both think she should quit."
20 Mar 1991
"Jack comes back from a two-week trip in the Mexican rain forest as a changed man with the hospital no longer part of his plans. Doogie desperately scrambles to get a date for the Eastman dance."
03 Apr 1991
"Vinnie is nervous about possibly not getting accepted into film school. Doogie gets worried when the baby of a couple that has been trying to conceive for 12 years is born premature."
24 Apr 1991
"A scorned Janine turns to Doogie. Raymond's estranged father is admitted to the hospital."
"Doogie takes a still-grieving Wanda to the prom then introduces her to a young heart patient to rekindle her spirit for living"
Season 3 - Doogie Howser, M.D.
"No description"
02 Oct 1991
"Doogie and Vinnie move into an apartment. Doogie comes up with a risky solution to help a child with leukemia who has very few options for treatment and little time left."
09 Oct 1991
"Doogie's leukemia patient undergoes a risky procedure to save his life. Doogie and Vinnie work on their roommate relationship to stay living together."
16 Oct 1991
"Vinnie girlfriend wants to run to Las Vegas to get married. Doogie takes on a curse to save a boys life."
23 Oct 1991
"Vinnie is upset and plans to do something stupid when Janine won't have sex with him, only to find out she has had sex. Little does he know the circumstances surrounding the loss of her virginity."
30 Oct 1991
"Doogie thinks things will pick up where they left off when Wanda comes back to town, but she has other thoughts."
20 Nov 1991
"Doogie decides to drive to Chicago to see Wanda; Vinnie tags along. But when they reach the desert, the car breaks down. While waiting for it to be fixed, he literally bumps into a woman ..."
27 Nov 1991
"Due to his extravagant spending, Doogie's father makes him pay rent to learn fiscal responsibility. Curly's father comes into the ER with heart difficulties. Doogie has a girl spend the night after she's too tired to drive home."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
08 Jan 1992
"Mrs. Howser reunites with her old college boyfriend, Wally \"Howlin Wolf\" Goldstein, which worries Doogie when it appears that they might reconnect."
22 Jan 1992
05 Feb 1992
"Doogie tries working at a fast food restaurant after Vinnie bets that his job is harder than Doogie's."
12 Feb 1992
11 Mar 1992
"Doogie has an intimate moment with Nurse Spaulding. A arrogant medical student gets under Doogie's skin."
19 Mar 1992
"Doogie looks to choose a specialty and tries out family medicine with his father bringing back memories of his youth."
01 Apr 1992
"Janine drops out of college and causes an upheaval with her parents."
22 Apr 1992
"Spring break challenges Janine's and Vinnie's relationship. Doogie encounters the two extreme attitudes of paralyzed people."
"No description"
"No description"
"The Drs. Howser spend a father-son trip at a Honduran operating theater, where Doogie gives a thumbs-down to a wisecracking surgeon."
Season 4 - Doogie Howser, M.D.
23 Sep 1992
"April 29, 1992. Doogie, Vinnie and the hospital staff deal with the aftermath of the L.A. Riots."
30 Sep 1992
"Doogie dates Katherine's new boss. David's angioplasty patient needs to consider putting her mentally-challenged, adult daughter into a group facility."
07 Oct 1992
"After Doogie lets a burglar into the house, he considers buying a gun."
14 Oct 1992
"When Doogie decides to get his own place, he and his parents go look at some apartments but none of them is to his liking. But when he finds a loft, he feels this is it but his father refuses to support him if he decides to take it."
"No description"
"No description"
01 Nov 1992
"Doogie dates a deaf patient and wants to \"fix\" her. Vinnie tries to raise money to make his movie."
11 Nov 1992
"Vinnie snakes a girl from Doogie which bruises Doogie's ego causing him to act obnoxiously. Ray passes the EMT test and starts second guessing himself."
18 Nov 1992
"Doogie battles his conscious over whether or not to report a heart transplant candidate's poor behavior. Janine returns wanting Vinnie back."
"No description"
09 Dec 1992
"Doogie and his father disagree on whether a child is a victim of child abuse. Doogie and Vinnie try video dating."
"No description"
30 Dec 1992
"Doogie is planning his New Year's celebration. He comes home and finds a girl there. He learns that the man who rented him his place also rented it out to her. They try to live together but..."
"No description"
13 Jan 1993
"Vinnie is upset when his not yet divorced father starts dating another woman. David is offered the position of Head of Family Medicine at the hospital."
"No description"
27 Jan 1993
"After Vinnie loses his virginity to Laura, he feels not good enough for her and begins to behave erratically. Doogie treats a famous actress for a mysterious illness."
03 Feb 1993
"Doogie learns that his former babysitter and crush, Rachel Miller (Chelsea Noble) is in town. He hasn't seen her since he was 10 years old. Could his old fantasies finally come true? Vinnie..."
24 Feb 1993
"A young patient at the hospital develops a crush on Doogie. A computer glitch in Vinnie's bank account gives him $16,000."
10 Mar 1993
"Doogie becomes enraged when a newspaper cartoonist, also a patient at the hospital, uses him as a caricature in his comic strip."
"No description"
"No description"