My Giant Life

Extremely tall people deal with dating, family, emotional problems while struggling to find themselves among the 6 2/3 feet that is their body.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5.5

Season 3 - My Giant Life
"Haleigh, 6'7\" and Bryan, 5'8\", struggle with pregnancy complications. Katja, 6'8\" and wife Julie, 5'2\" search for a sperm donor. Alicia Jay, 6'6\" is tall, fabulous, and a 35 year-old. Lindsay, 6'9\", moves to Las Vegas with roommate, Krista 6'6\"."
"Haleigh, 6'7\" and husband, Bryan, 5'8\", deal with pregnancy problems and preparing for the baby. Coco, 6'6\" questions her relationship with boyfriend, Wil, 5'10. New roommates, Lindsay, 6'9\" and Krista, 6'6\" bond during a night out in Las Vegas."
"6'6\" tall virgin Alicia Jay goes on a first date. Haleigh, 6'7\" struggles to find maternity clothes. Katja, 6'8\" and wife Julie, 5'2\" approach Julie's ex to donate sperm. New roommates Lindsay, 6'9\" and Krista, 6'6\" butt heads over borrowing clothes."
"Krista, 6'6\" meets potential love interest and upsets Lindsay, 6'9\" with her comedy act. Alicia, 6'6\" shops for lingerie. Coco, 6'6\" pursues other men, despite Wil's objections. Haleigh, 6'7\" wants a water birth but Bryan thinks it's a risky idea."
"Virgin Alicia Jay meets with a dating coach; Katja and Julie prepare for insemination; Lindsay meets a plastic surgeon to discuss her body issues, but Krista worries Lindsay isn't dealing with her real problems."
"Krista suspects Lindsay has an alcohol problem and takes her to destruction therapy; Katja and her wife visit a gym to get advice on exercise during pregnancy; Haleigh and Bryan attend a birthing class."
"Lindsay gets a surprise visit from her mom to cheer her up; Haleigh and husband Bryan visit her parents only to get pressured into moving back home; Katja and Julie find out whether they're pregnant."
"Krista moves out of her and Lindsay's apartment; Alicia Jay goes to a singles mixer to search for virgins; Katja and wife Julie wait for their pregnancy results; Haleigh and husband Bryan bring home their new baby."