Somewhere Between

A local news producer is given one chance to relive a deadly week and stop a serial killer. If she fails, she'll lose her daughter forever.

Genre: Crime , Drama

Actor: Paula Patton , Devon Sawa , JR Bourne , Aria Birch

Director: Stephen Tolkin

Country: USA

Duration: 41 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 6.2

Season 1 - Somewhere Between
"Laura Price - she's not crazy, but she knows that her daughter Serena is going to be murdered. She doesn't know who the murderer is, or why she's killed, but she knows exactly when it will happen, where and how. Despite this, all of her attempts to keep her daughter safe fail and Serena's fixed, unmovable, terrifying fate keeps her directly in the path of her killer."
"Determined to prevent a murder, Laura teams up with Nico, a former cop, and they search for the serial killer\u2019s next victim. Can they save her, catch the killer and alter fate?"
"Laura and Nico, devastated at their failure so far in stopping the city\u2019s serial killer, set a trap for him that puts both of them in danger. Meanwhile, Tom becomes worried about Nico and Laura\u2019s partnership, since Tom was the attorney who convicted Nico\u2019s brother Danny."
"Laura and Nico try to stop the serial killer she believes means to kill Serena, but Laura also learns more about Nico\u2019s disturbing past. Meanwhile, Tom has secrets of his own and is worried that Laura will find out."
"Laura is suspicious that Tom is lying to her, so she enlists Nico to follow him. Also, Laura and Nico go back to Spanish Harbor to investigate how their fates are intertwined."
"Laura and Nico take off for Spanish Harbor to track down the identity of the killer. Tom, desperate to get Serena back, sends the police after them. Also, a witness leads Nico to confront Danny, who reveals the shocking truth about Susannah\u2019s murder."
"Laura convinces Nico that they need to find the fourth man from the tattoo photo; while doing so, they learn more about the case 10 years ago against Danny. Also, Laura gives Tom a chance to explain his actions and must decide whether she \u2013 and Serena \u2013 can trust him."
"Betrayed by Tom, Laura learns that Serena is at the TV station and fears her daughter will suffer the same original fate. Meanwhile, Nico tries to get his hands on evidence that could help save his brother."
"Tom comes to Laura with his own plan to save Serena, but a double-cross turns deadly, and the identity of the real killer is exposed. Meanwhile, with Danny\u2019s execution just hours away, Nico and Laura have to race to try saving him and Serena."
"As Laura and Nico discover the reason for the vast conspiracy, they might be too late to stop fate from fulfilling its promise, as they race against the clock to try saving Serena \u2013 and Danny."