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The Aquarium

It focuses on the care given to thousands of aquatic animals, the bond between animals and the staff and the stories about the animals who call the 10 million gallons of water at the aquarium home.

Country: N/A

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 9.1

Season 1 - The Aquarium
"The Georgia Aquarium sends a team to Cape Town, South Africa to help rehabilitate and release a group of African penguins. A dive team installs a shipwreck feature into the Ocean Voyager exhibit to provide an enrichment for their sea turtle."
"Two African penguins, Freya & Neo, welcome a young chick, but there's cause for concern when health problems arise. Staff work to train a trio of harbor seals to ride the elevator, with the only hiccup being a nervous seal named Floyd."
"A sweet beluga whale trains with staff to go on the \u201cwhale scale.\u201d Blacktip reef shark L2 is not eating normally and staff work to figure out why. See the first sea lion born at the aquarium - 1-year-old pup Scarlett. And, sea jellies go on exhibit."
"Beloved Asian small-clawed otter Pinkie has a recurring bloody nose, and the team goes to great lengths to find out what could be causing it. Feisty baby American alligators arrive at the aquarium and must learn to eat in an orderly way."
"Trainers prepare two rescued sea lions for eye surgery. The team travels to the Bahamas to collect blood samples from native sharks for a study on the effects of plastics in the ocean. Staff devise new enrichment for giant octopus Ophelia."
"A staff member heads to the Marine Mammal Center in California to help rehabilitation efforts of elephant seals. African penguins Charlie and Lizzie have been together for 25 years, and Charlie is having issues with his eyes. A piranha needs surgery."
"A southern sea otter is rushed to the health center. The team travels to Key Largo to help coral restoration efforts. Young African penguins prepare for an upcoming event. And love is in the air for a trainer and his favorite sea lion pup, Scarlett."
"The team welcomes two rescued southern sea otter pups, Mara and Gibson, from the California coast. Young ruddy ducks arrive at the aquarium and are introduced to their new habitat. Nandi, the aquarium's smallest manta ray, is due for a checkup."
"Polka, a bottlenose dolphin, has a raspy voice and needs to see the doctor to get the all-clear. Staff prepare for the upcoming puffin breeding season. Two wobbegong sharks are due for a checkup. A curious and active box turtle goes for a walk."